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Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief - Ga. BEARS Badge

Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief Badge
(Georgia Baptist Emergency Amateur Radio Service)

The Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief or Georgia Baptist Emergency Amateur Radio Service (Georgia BEARS) is a group of Christian Amateur Radio operators who are trained in disaster relief communications and affiliated with the Georgia Baptist Disaster Communications Ministry.

They operate and maintain two communications units outfitted with Amateur Radio and associated equipment. Unit 14C has seen service in The World Trade Center Disaster and hurricane, tornado, and flood relief efforts including Katrina and many others. Unit 5C has been recently been refurbished and has the latest communications equipment on board including Star Band satellite uplink.

The members volunteer their time and personal radio equipment to provide logistical and support communications when activated by a local, state, national or international disaster.

You can learn more about the club by visiting the Ga. BEARS web site.

The Ga. Baptist Disaster Relief badge is bright green with the club logo on the left and your call sign and name at the bottom of the badge. When available, the Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief lapel pin is included on your badge.

The Ga. Baptist Disaster Relief badge is $16.50 and includes a safety pin fastener. Click here to see other fastener choices.

To order, please select the "Ga. Baptist Disaster Relief Badge" option using the CLUB ITEMS drop-down menu on our order form. Please remember to include your personal information with your order.

Click here to see our optional fasteners.

Attachment options include:

  • Locking safety pin - included with badge
  • Permanent swivel alligator clip, add $1.50
  • Military posts - add $1.50
  • Over-the-Pocket with a safety locking pin, add $2.25
  • Extra strong "no holes" magnetic bar, add $2.75
  • Magnetic Over-the-Pocket pouch, add $7

Remember to select the desired fastener on the order form under the Badge Fastener selection.

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