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Skywarn Badges

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All Designs 1999
The SignMan of Baton Rouge

You may choose to put your club name, county, or other information on the third line. Your district, county or other info may be placed on a 4th line, if desired. The Skywarn badge is available in 2 attractive colors.

Our newest & most popular style has a white background and black letters. The area behind the tornado in the Skywarn logo is orange. This style badge with 3 lines is $11.50. Four line badges in the new style are $11.50.

Our original Skywarn badge is Emergency Service orange with white letters with a black Skywarn logo. This style with 3 lines is $9.50. Four line badges in this style are $11.50.

All badges include our special high-quality locking safety pin in the base price.

For your convenience, we offer a variety of popular attachment alternatives. Click here to see our fasteners.

Attachment options include:

  • Locking safety pin - included with badge
  • Permanent swivel alligator clip, add $1.50
  • Military posts - add $1.50
  • Over-the-Pocket with a safety locking pin, add $2.25
  • Removable alligator adapter (attaches to safety locking pin and can be removed as desired), add $2.50
  • Extra strong "no holes" magnetic bar, add $2.75
  • Magnetic Over-the-Pocket pouch, add $7

Remember to select the desired fastener on the order form under the Badge Fastener selection.

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